There's A Big Fish Fossil On Mars, UFO Blogger Claims Upon Seeing Latest NASA Curiosity Rover Photo
Reference by: OiiO Space
April 23, 2016   12:08 AM

A UFO hunter and blogger claims that he has discovered a fossilized fish in one of the latest images sent back to Earth by NASA's Curiosity Rover on Mars.

Scott C. Waring published an article on his blog, UFO Sightings Daily, on Thursday where he said that he found what appears to be a petrified fish lying on the Martian surface in a high-quality photograph recently released by NASA.

The image in question was captured using Curiosity's navigation camera on March 23 in the vicinity of SOL 1290.

Waring pointed out that the Martian fish looks to be half a meter long, which he said is about the size of a small salmon or a bass. Its fin ridge and tail fin are also visible on the photograph.

Waring added that image of the fish on Mars could serve as a proof that NASA's revelation of oceans on the Red Planet could very well be true.

"I do feel NASA went overboard with their 2 billion dollar fishing equipment to catch this one, but it's defiantly worth mounting on the wall," Waring said.

Fish Fossil

(Photo : NASA/JPL-Caltech )
This is not the first time strange objects were supposedly found on the Martian surface based on images recorded by the Curiosity Rover.

In November 2015, amateur astronomer Joe White posted a video on YouTube about a giant mouse that was photographed in Mars' Gale Crater.

Waring also wrote about a bear-like creature that was found by a fellow UFO hunter on another image of the Red Planet in October. He said that it proved the existence of living creatures on Mars.

Despite these assertions by UFO hunters, NASA said that it has yet to find concrete evidence of life forms on Mars. The space agency also denied that it is hiding such findings from the public.

"There is no group that would be happier to see such a thing than the 500 scientists around the world who work on this Curiosity rover," Ashwin Vasavada, a member of NASA's Mars rover program, said.

"So far we haven't seen anything that is so obvious that it would be similar to what these claims are."